CAM Rapid Response Team Researches Ways to Help

Two days after mudslides plummeted down hillsides of Southern California, the search for survivors continues. At least 17 people are dead—including four children—and more than a dozen people are still missing. Hundreds have been rescued already.

Our California Rapid Response team is researching ways to help in this heart-wrenching disaster in our own country. Due to the casualties and missing persons, they are not able to get into the area to help with cleanup at this time. However, they are looking into taking a Rapid Response shower trailer to an evacuation center so survivors can shower and wash their clothes.

The mudslides, triggered by heavy rains, came after recent wildfires had stripped hillsides of vegetation that normally holds soil in place. Debris smashed through the walls of houses, nearly burying some homes in mud and boulders. Officials report 64 homes completely destroyed and more than 400 severely damaged.

Please pray for the families affected by this tragedy and loss, and for our California team as they seek how best to minister.

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