A 7.4 earthquake rocked Nepal at 11:50 Tuesday morning, May 12. Terrified citizens fled their houses and cars, stampeding to find open ground. Buildings already damaged by the previous quake collapsed, creating fresh piles of rubble. Another 65 people have died and over 1,000 been injured. The epicenter was about 46 miles from Kathmandu, the capital.

Less than three weeks have passed since the massive 7.8 earthquake in Nepal killed over 8,000 and left 16,000 injured. Some remote villages have yet to receive aid and are now even more difficult to access by road.

CAM staff had planned to deliver several truckloads of tarps to Chainpur, a village in the Chitwan area, but the road to the village is now closed. As a lower caste village, Chainpur had not yet received help.

CAM staff based in Kathmandu will continue to investigate new damages and ways that we can help.