As the Syrian civil war enters its fourth winter, millions of Syrian refugees remain in desperate need of food, heat, and shelter. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) recently came through a funding crisis that forced it to stop delivering aid to the 1.7 million refugees it had supported in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt. WFP has now received enough donations for another month of aid, but many Syrian refugees remain on edge.

The most vulnerable refugees depend entirely on international aid. Without a reliable source of support, these Syrian refugees are unable to feed themselves, heat their tents, or send their children to school. In response to this need for reliable support, CAM has begun a new sponsorship program, Food-Parcels-for-Syrian-Refugees. Through this program, we are able to deliver over a thousand food parcels per month to refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria.

The Syrian family pictured has seen their share of fear and disruption. Anthony, pictured beside his father, and his cousin Carl were standing in front of a relative’s pharmacy when a passing car exploded. Shrapnel flew, knocking Anthony unconscious and wounding Carl. In the chaos after the explosion, Anthony’s parents could not find the boys and feared they might be dead. After searching seven hospitals, they finally found them waiting to be identified. Anthony was in a coma in very critical condition. Carl was severely bleeding from his stomach.

Anthony woke from his coma, but remained bedridden for a long period of time because the injuries partially paralyzed his right arm and leg. Carl needed medical treatment for almost two months after the explosion.

After the boys were released from the hospital, the family fled from Syria to Lebanon. Anthony is still receiving therapy there.

In their new home, this family began receiving monthly food parcels and hygiene items. Christian workers visited the family to follow up on their situation. Pray that this family and others can see the hand of God working through those who bring aid.