In Siberia, a region in Russia that extends into the far north, nomadic reindeer herders live much the same as their ancestors have for hundreds of years. They make their own clothing from reindeer fur, live in tents made of reindeer skins, and migrate thousands of miles on handmade reindeer-drawn sleds.

Besides the harsh and frigid weather, Siberia also has many cold hearts that have not yet experienced the warmth of God’s love. Many people adhere to an ancient tribal religion. In recent years, however, some are turning to Christ as Christians visit this region to share the Gospel. Through the Bibles-for-the-World program, our contacts in Russia have been able to distribute New Testaments and other Christian literature in this region. Many people in Siberia have little contact with the outside world. Recipients express their gratitude to those from far away who share with them. In response to the literature he received, one man wrote, “We are sincerely thankful to our Lord . . . Thank you so much for your work of love.”

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