The average life expectancy in Liberia is 60 years. If you live longer than that, you might be called a survivor. Disease, lack of nutrition, and insufficient funds for medical care are just a few reasons for early deaths in Liberia. Those who do make it past 60 often have no one to help them when they are no longer able to work. Many elderly Liberians are left with no choice but to beg in order to stay alive.

For some of these people, a Help-for-the-Elderly food parcel from CAM allows them to rest from their begging. They can also use the small amount of cash that comes with the parcels to buy medicine and other things they desperately need.

Yarkpowolo (YAHRK poh woh loh), pictured above, is 72 years old. He used to be a builder and provide for himself, but now he is too feeble to work. Because of a disease in his feet, he is unable to walk very far. A kind neighbor carried Yarkpowolo on his back to the place where CAM was distributing food parcels.

In 1986, while working on a rubber plantation owned by the Firestone Tire Company, a chemical accident left George Flomo blind. Since he could no longer see, George became useless to Firestone and lost his job. On top of that, his wife deserted him two years ago. George was left to beg for food and money to pay rent for his room. Now with his monthly food box from CAM and $10 cash, George is more at ease, knowing some of his needs are met.


George Flomo with his food parcel from CAM.

Sponsors of CAM’s Help-for-the-Elderly program provide monthly food parcels and $10 cash to about 3,000 elderly people in Liberia, Romania, Haiti, and other countries. Thank you, supporters, for making their future a bit brighter and for reminding them that they are not forsaken!

“Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forsake me not. . .” (Psalm 71:18)

If you wish to help provide food parcels and a small amount of cash for the aged in Liberia and other countries, please choose from the options below.

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$59 provides a 25-pound food parcel and $10 cash or its equivalent in food items for a needy aged person(s)