In Romania, twenty-one-year-old Marius works during the day, grading CAM’s Bible correspondence courses and responding to letters from students. But every Thursday evening, when his shift ends, his work with young correspondence students continues. He prepares a Bible lesson, jumps in his car, and heads to a small schoolhouse in the village of Patrauti.

Up to eight young people eventually gather in the room, their correspondence courses and Bibles in hand. They crowd into desks with black iron legs and wooden tops, facing Marius at the front of the plywood floor schoolroom. Marius leads a discussion about the week’s lesson and then grades students’ worksheets, which they had filled out at home. He notes any incorrect answers and makes sure the students understand the correct answers before they leave for home.

Marius and others from the Nathaniel Church first noticed these Gypsy young people when they attended the church’s summer Bible school. “We saw their participation and decided to ask if they would be interested in participating in more Bible lessons.” About 15 of the young people agreed to meet. “I thought they would participate for a while and then get bored and quit coming,” Marius says. Some of the 15 young people did quit, but the serious ones kept coming. “They very much like and appreciate these Bible study courses. I don’t think they receive such teaching anywhere else.”

Although the young people come from Christian families, they are not taught Biblical principles such as modesty, the headship veiling, and purity. “What we want to do is plant seeds and expect them to grow,” Marius shares. “One of the fellows told me how he faced certain temptations and immediately remembered the lesson we had regarding that subject.”

Throughout Romania, about 500 other students of all ages, including many prisoners, are enrolled in the free courses provided by CAM’s Sponsor-A-Bible-Lesson program. The lessons from Lamp and Light Publishers are translated into Romanian. One older mother who took a course on the Christian Home recently wrote: “I’m only sorry I didn’t have this opportunity long ago.”

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