Landon called our toll-free phone number, saying that he wants to learn about religion. Our phone team member explained the Gospel of the kingdom of God. He discovered that Landon had no Bible, so he sent a Bible, along with other literature including the tract, Born Again—What Does It Mean? and the audiobook, Greasy the Robber.

After some time, our team member verified that Landon had received the literature. Landon responded with a text message that said:

I did get the materials! I learned so much already.

More text messages the following days revealed that Landon had given his life to the Lord.

I found my Lord and Savior—I am eternally grateful.

Well, has my life changed!? You sent me that Bible, my friend, and that just changed my life. I’ll be forever grateful for what you did for me. I have repaired all my sins and I’m doing my best.

You know, John, on the phone with you when I called that billboard—that was a pivotal moment in my life. Jesus has rescued me, and I can always count on Jesus to have my back through rough situations. Jesus has made my life way easier, and I’m sad I could not have found Him earlier.

When our team member asked Landon if he had found a church, he replied with,

I’ve found one right down the street! I’m so blessed.

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