“Does God permit divorce and remarriage?” “Should His people be involved in the military?” These are just a few of the questions our staff in Romania hears regularly. Many seeking Romanians are crying out for more Biblical teaching. “One of the greatest deficiencies in our churches is teaching,” they say. How will this need for truth be met?

One way Romanians are hearing Biblical truths is through Bible correspondence courses, under CAM’s Sponsor-A-Bible-Lesson program. The nine series of courses from Lamp & Light Publishers, translated into the Romanian language, provide opportunity for people to grow in their Christian faith.

“A special thank you for these courses,” says Anca Maria Sirbu. “In the past four years I have passed through a difficult trial. I have faced times of great discouragement, but going through these courses has given me a fresh perspective through the light of God’s Word.”

Because her husband is sickly, Emilia Monineti bears the responsibility of caring for their children. Two of them have Downs Syndrome. She says, “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the very helpful Building the Christian Home course. I’m only sad that I didn’t have this opportunity long ago. I have many regrets, but I live with the hope that God will still listen to my intercession for my eleven children, so that not one is lost. With great eagerness I wait to receive the next course.” She praises God that several of their older children have decided to follow the Lord.