Today in America, refugees and immigrants from around the world are showing up in every state. Their presence presents unique opportunities for Christian believers to share the Gospel.

CAM provides Bibles for ethnic groups in the United States, some of whom have never seen a Bible. One such group is the Bhutanese. From 2008 to 2014, more than 75,000 refugees from Bhutan arrived in the United States. They had been living in crowded refugee camps in Nepal after ethnic cleansing in Bhutan forced them out of their country. Now that they are in America, many Bhutanese are leaving Hinduism behind and searching for something more. Thousands are being exposed to the Bible and the Gospel message for the very first time.

“Many never had a Bible, never heard the Genesis story,” says Jason Troyer of Nepalese Literature Outreach, a conservative Anabaptist group in Ohio that works among Bhutanese refugees. CAM recently provided this ministry with about 15,000 Bibles in the Nepali language. The Bibles are going quickly. “Daily we get requests for Bibles from all over the U.S.,” Jason says. Through regular exposure to the Word of God, hundreds of Bhutanese refugees are coming to Christ.

CAM’s Reaching Out to America program assists conservative Anabaptist churches that have opportunities and zeal for outreach but may lack sufficient funds and resources. This program offers Bibles, Christian literature, and other resources to churches with CAM-approved outreach programs, such as prison ministries, inner-city missions, ministries to ethnic groups, and local literature distribution.

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