We receive the Seed of Truth mag­azine every month and read it with great joy,” the Grabar family from Ukraine wrote. “A sincere thank you for . . . supporting us spiritually with the wonderful magazine. We learn from it, and it helps to strengthen our faith. We especially like the family articles.”

Articles in the Seed of Truth magazine are compiled from various publications and reprinted with permission. If you have written articles for Story Mates, the Christian Contender, the Christian Example, Family Life, Home Horizons, or other periodicals, you are doing a valuable work. Your articles might also have been reprinted in the Seed of Truth magazine.

CAM first started printing the Seed of Truth in 1995, translating articles from Christian Light Publications, Rod & Staff Publishers, Pathway Publishers, Eastern Mennonite Publications, and others. Today, thanks to God and funds from supporters, more than 150,000 copies are being printed per month in Romanian, Russian, Polish, and English.

Recipients regularly write to us, expressing their gratefulness for sound Biblical literature in their language. Recently 20-year-old Angela, who receives the magazine in Russian, sent us a letter saying, “I’m very thankful to God for His salvation, and for those who work on the Seed of Truth project, because I’m growing spiritually while reading this magazine.” She said she remembers reading the Seed of Truth as a young child, and she has never found anything that was not according to God’s Word.

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for the material aid and the Seed of Truth,” wrote Aida, a widow from Ukraine. “May God bless you for your attention and care to me. I was born in Dagestan Republic and professed to be a Muslim. After I got married I moved to Ukraine. There I heard words from the Bible and accepted Jesus into my heart as my own Saviour. Thank you again, dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ . . . Send greetings to your churches. May God bless you all.”

If you wish to help provide the Seed of Truth magazine to people who desire Biblical teaching, please choose from the options below.

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YES, I would like to help share Biblical principles in countries where sound Bible teaching is scarce. My monthly gifts will help print, ship, and distribute the following magazines:
Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth): Produced at Publicadora La Merced, a conservative Mennonite publishing house in Costa Rica. Printed in Spanish, English, and Haitian Creole languages.
Seed of Truth: Printed in Romanian, Russian, Polish, English, and other languages for restricted countries. Compiled and edited by CAM.


Sponsors receive one free monthly copy of the Seed of Truth magazine with a $25 minimum monthly sponsorship.