What Recipients are Saying

CAM provides Bible correspondence courses to several thousand recipients in Romania, Liberia, and Sierra Leone through the Sponsor-A-Bible-Lesson program. Only eternity will reveal the full impact of these courses, but responses from recipients give us a glimpse at some of the effects. Here are a few responses from Romania.

“I really enjoyed the course A Faith Worth Dying For . . . this course awakened in my heart a sense that I must think more seriously about my salvation so that I do not lose it.”


“I want to completely change my way of life, be part of a Christian church, and live my life like a real Christian. May God help me!”


“For nearly four years I’ve been passing through a great trial, which of course is known by God. I’ve had times of great discouragement, but going through these courses has given me a fresh perspective on things in the light of God’s Word.”