From: CAM staff member in Jordan

For refugees living in camps, summer is a very trying time of the year. In some places, the camps are located in the desert with no protection from the elements. Refugees live in small metal huts or containers with no air conditioning, no trees for shade, and no grass to walk on. There is little relief from the hot wind and clouds of dust blowing through the camp.

Life is a continual struggle for these refugees. While the heat of summer is oppressive, the cold of winter is dreaded, and makeshift living quarters are uncomfortably crowded. CAM continues to distribute relief items and food parcels to suffering Syrian refugees. We work with local believers who hand-deliver the items to refugee homes. This provides a great opportunity to sit and talk with the refugees and hear their stories. Sometimes these visits last up to two hours.

Each family has their own heart-breaking story of what finally caused them to leave their home and the life they knew. Just because they left the war-zone does not mean they are now able to live a life of peace. During a recent visit, we met a 26-year-old mother who is living alone with her four young children, including a set of twins. She had been forced to marry at 14 years old back in Syria; four years ago her husband was taken by the soldiers and she has no idea where he is today. She is now trying to fend for herself and her children along with maintaining her living space and buying food—tasks that her husband had always done. She says she only trusts the people from the church, because others try to take advantage of her situation.

In another home, a single mother surrounded by five children told us her story. Her husband was a well-to-do businessman in Syria, and they had lived a comfortable life in a large villa. Soon after the war started, her husband was imprisoned by the military. She was able to visit him a few times, but then she was denied access to the prison. She finally took her children and left the country. Today she has no idea where her husband is, or if he is dead or alive. With tears threating to spill out, she showed us pictures of their beautiful home, now burned and damaged by the war. Her little boy is desperate for a father’s love. She also said every week she has to turn away men who come asking for her 15-year-old daughter.

Please remember these families in prayer, along with the countless other families who are facing similar trials. I can’t tell you their names, but God knows exactly who they are.

Thank you for your prayers and contributions. God is using your gifts as a means to receive the glory of the nations and tribes of the earth.

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