“God puts into the heart of others to give to us so we can plant, have food, and then give to others who are poor,” says Olga in Romania. Even though her needs are great, she loves to give. Since her husband passed away a few years ago, it is more difficult to provide for herself, but she says God has sent Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) to help so she can help herself and others.

Before Olga’s husband passed away, he had been a lead pastor. He and Olga faithfully served their people for many years. Olga still has a servant heart and reaches out to the poor around her, often using produce from her garden. With the seeds she has been receiving from CAM, she usually raises enough produce for five families.

“Even though I’m 86 years old, I can still hoe the garden,” Olga says. “God has given me the strength to do it.”

She reports that the seeds from CAM germinate well. Last year during the growing season, Romania received little rain, but Olga faithfully watered her garden and was rewarded with a bountiful harvest. When CAM staff members visited Olga at harvest time, her garden was bursting with carrots, beets, large heads of cabbage, and other vegetables.

Olga's daughter in the garden

Olga’s daughter with fresh and canned vegetables from Olga’s garden.

She was planning to preserve the cabbage heads in a brine to make saramale, a traditional Romanian stuffed cabbage roll dish. She planned to store the beets in her cellar and can the carrots and other vegetables for the winter.

Having seeds to raise produce is a great blessing for Olga and others who struggle to make ends meet. Not having to buy as much food allows them to use their meager income for other essentials.

Quality seeds are hard to find in developing countries. In Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine, CAM’s Seed Project provides good seeds to families who depend largely on their gardens for food. In Liberia, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Kenya, this program provides seeds and agricultural tools for needy farmers. A gift of seeds helps people in a way that preserves their dignity, requires hard work, and produces enormous results! Along with the seeds, we give Christian literature to plant spiritual seeds in the hearts of recipients.

If you would like to provide quality seeds for needy people, please choose from the suggested donation amounts below. You may also start a monthly sponsorship to provide ongoing support for this program.


$25 provides enough garden seeds to produce one semi-load of vegetables!

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