From Ruin to Recovery

Water-damaged houses. Torn off roofs. Trees strewn across the yard. These sights leave many devastated homeowners with overwhelming questions: What steps should I take next? How will I clean this by myself?

Our Rapid Response teams offer tremendous relief for people who aren’t sure which way to turn. The teams encounter anything from cutting up trees, to tearing out soggy insulation, clearing away debris, and putting tarps on damaged roofs.

A homeowner wrote, “I have now experienced . . . angels in your team as you came to our aid. You came in the power of God to rescue us out of the reality of the overwhelming disaster of the storm.”

Hurricane Florence Project

Our most recent Rapid Response project was in the wake of Hurricane Florence. The hurricane made landfall on the North Carolina coast on September 14 as a category 1 storm. Florence moved slowly across the Carolinas, dumping a deluge of heavy rain. Swansboro, North Carolina, received 34 inches of rain, breaking the all-time record for the state.

Florence quickly downgraded to a tropical storm and thankfully did not bring as much devastation as predicted. However, the storm left many needs in its path. CAM’s Search & Rescue teams moved people to safety, our Loaves & Fishes food kitchen served hot meals to evacuees, and chaplain ministry workers reached out to devastated homeowners.

Florence brought widespread flooding in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our Rapid Response cleanup teams waited for nearly two weeks for waters to subside so they could begin cleaning out homes. This large-scale cleanup project will likely continue for weeks to come.

Thank you, supporters and volunteers, for sharing God’s love to others in a time of loss! Many lives have been blessed through the physical and spiritual help received through Rapid Response Services.