Tens of thousands of Nigerians from the northeast part of the country have fled their homes because of terrorist attacks by Boko Haram, a radical Muslim group. Many of these displaced people were forced to flee with only the things they could carry and now live in permanent refugee camps within Nigeria. Having left behind farms and businesses, these families have the skills to provide for themselves, but they need the resources to start again.

CAM sent a team to Nigeria in February to investigate the possibility of starting a SALT Microfinance program. Having found needs and opportunities, we plan to send staff to Nigeria by June to implement the program. The staff will then research further to determine whether we should start a microloan program or savings groups, or possibly both. People who want to eventually move back to their homes would benefit from a savings groups. Those who choose to stay in the places where they have relocated would benefit from microloans.

Displaced people in Nigeria are doing their best to move on with life in the areas where they have resettled. In the photo, a mother helps refugee children resume their education at a makeshift school.

Please pray for peace in Nigeria and that God would clearly direct CAM staff as they minister to the hurting.

If you wish to reach out to people in material poverty through microloans, savings groups, agricultural projects, and Christ-centered teaching, please choose from the options below.

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