Salt Savings Group Hope
The Salt savings group helped Amolk and Labonya build a house for their family

Savings group brings hope to Bangladashi family

Many parents across the globe are driven by a dream and hope to give their children more opportunities than they had themselves. But for more than 700 million people in the world who live on an income of less than $2 a day, it’s hard to accomplish that dream.

Amolik and Labonya* in Bangladesh were like any other parents. They longed to provide sufficiently for their precious sons and daughter. But their house was no longer in livable condition, and Amolik’s job of making fishing nets brought only a minimal income. How could they get the money to build a new house?

When Amolik and Labonya realized they were able to save money through the SALT savings group, hope was born in their hearts. After three years of actively saving money along with other group members, Amolik and Labonya’s diligence paid off. They were able to take a loan from the savings group to purchase tin and bamboo to build their new house. Their dream became reality!

The teaching and structure from the savings group were the tools Amolik and Labonya needed to help lift their family out of a difficult situation. Most importantly, they gained knowledge of God’s Word through the regular meetings. Amolik and Labonya are so thankful for the opportunity the savings group has given them.

Many people in impoverished places work hard but often lack access to the knowledge and structure they need to learn how to save money or build businesses. CAM endeavors to walk alongside such individuals to help them discover their potential and learn how to efficiently use the resources God placed around them.

Weekly meetings filled with spiritual and practical teachings help the poor discover the solution to their financial problems. Savings groups enable community members to work together to accomplish their dreams.

*Names changed to protect identity.