married, Christian Aid ministries
Los Angeles, California

“Smacking me in my face”

It seems the more Gospel billboards people see, the greater the impact.

Nick (59) and Minnie (65) have been living together for twenty-seven years without getting married. They have driven throughout the country and have seen many of CAM’s billboards. Seeing these Gospel messages so many times made it hard to stop thinking about them. The more they saw, the more the messages convicted them.

One day as they were driving on the turnpike in Pennsylvania, another Gospel billboard came into view. This was the limit, and Nick called the toll-free number.

“They keep popping up all over!” he exclaimed. “They are smacking me in my face.”

Our team member asked Nick whether he is living what Jesus taught. Nick admitted he is not living according to Jesus’ commandments. Nick believes in Jesus but admits that he and Minnie are living in sin because they are not married.

Our team member prayed with Nick and Minnie and challenged them to read the Gospel of Matthew. Nick was willing to read Matthew and the other Gospels to learn about marriage.

Pray for Nick and Minnie and the millions of passersby who are given opportunities to get right with God.

Names has been changed to protect identities.