When it rains, some streets of Tecuci, Romania, turn into a slippery, muddy mess. Dark mud splashes up onto board fences lining the street, and onto the pant legs, skirts, shoes, and socks of anyone who happens to be walking.

In some very poor sections of this town, soap is a luxury few can afford to buy. “They have nothing to use to wash their muddy clothes,” says Elena Marza, CAM staff member.

After CAM received a large shipment of donated soap, our staff visited this town and distributed soap and other aid. “Every time I go through this area, many people now ask me for more soap,” Elena says.

In another Romanian village where a church group distributed soap from CAM, they were met with children dressed in filthy clothing. “Many families in this area are living in one-room, makeshift houses. They cannot afford to buy soap or detergent,” says Lidia Dobrie, a medical doctor and long-time CAM contact.

Later when the group returned to this village, the happy recipients reported that the soap had not only helped them clean their clothing but also helped them get rid of scabies and lice.

CAM is blessed to receive large donations of soap, but we are in need of funds to ship it to needy parts of the world. If you would like to help us ship donated soap, please choose from the options below.

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