Orphan children in Liberia struggle to survive. Some are taken in by church families or relatives, but life is still not easy. Most Liberian parents make less than $2.50 per day and have a hard time providing sufficient food for their own children.

Because of sponsors’ caring hearts and willingness to help, about 3,000 orphans in Liberia have food to eat and clothes to wear. These children live in orphanages or with relatives or church families.

In the photo below, children on CAM’s Sponsor-an-Orphan program are ready to leave for home with a monthly food parcel, clothing, and school kits they received at a CAM distribution. These items make it easier for both the orphans and the families who care for them.

Thank you, sponsors, for caring about orphans in Liberia and other countries!

The Sponsor-an-Orphan program also supports orphans in Kenya, Nepal, Haiti, and Ukraine. If you wish to sponsor a child in need, please choose from the options below.

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