Kalila’s* behavior changed completely after she started attending a Christian school in Lebanon. Before, she was one of the many Syrian refugee children left at home with nothing to do. During the day, her father went looking for work and her mother went looking for food or help. Not wanting to leave their children alone to roam the streets, Kalila’s parents locked them in the house. Kalila became so desperate, she began cutting herself and her siblings to get attention.

Now Kalila spends her days at school, studying her lessons, learning about the Bible, and receiving compassionate care from her teachers. She has become calm and well behaved. This change has impacted her entire family.

The school Kalila attends is one of the refugee school CAM helps fund. Your compassionate gifts are making a difference for Kalila and many other innocent children who suffer as a result of the tragic war in Syria.

*Name changed to protect identity.

In Lebanon, there is a waiting list of mothers begging to enroll their children in Christian schools. If you would like to help make an impact on Syrian refugee children, please choose from the options below.

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