Sponsorships to help starvation in Yemen

Food for War-Torn Yemen

Bombs pierce the sky, reducing homes to rubble. The sound of gunshots sends fear into many hearts. This is the horrific civil war that has brought starvation in Yemen.

Yemen, desperation in Yemen, Christian Aid Ministries
The gift of food supplies these children with much-needed nourishment.

Tens of thousands of people have lost their lives in this war, and millions are at risk of starvation in Yemen. Every day approximately 130 children under the age of five die as the result of hunger and disease. CAM is working with trusted contacts to provide food for struggling or starving Yemenis.

The crushing circumstances of war forced Akira’s* husband to travel around searching for work to support his wife and daughters. While he was away looking for work, he caught an epidemic disease. His lifeless body was returned to his family.

As a widowed mother of seven girls, Akira thought this was the end. But God saw her misery, loss, and suffering. CAM contacts visited Akira and were soon able to provide a food parcel to meet the family’s need. With tears of happiness and relief Akira said, “The presence of merciful and compassionate hearts . . . is what brought hope anew into our lives.”

A monthly Food for War-Torn Yemen sponsorship of $100 provides 190 pounds of food including flour, rice, beans, sugar, salt, and oil. It also provides cooking gas to prepare the nourishing meals.

Water Systems for Yemen

Polluted water sources in Yemen cause huge cholera outbreaks. The deadly disease threatens many lives in the country.

Yemen, desperation in Yemen, Christian Aid Ministries
This family now has safe drinking water since receiving a water system from CAM.

Even if people know where to access clean water, many of them lack the money needed to transport it to their homes. Women and girls spend hours searching for water.

Niesha spent three hours every day getting water and hauling it back to her home. In the meantime, her handicapped children were alone in the house. Our contacts said, “She had no help except her tears and her prayers.”

CAM provided Niesha with a water system to collect, store, and filter rainwater from the occasional showers. The rain usually evaporates quickly in the intense heat, but since Niesha received the water system, she can save rainwater for a long time in the 2000-liter storage tank.

Niesha said, “My children will be happy now. No more tears after today. May God bless you.”

The need for these water systems is endless in Yemen. A Water Systems for Yemen one-time sponsorship of $500 will provide a rainwater system and make a big difference for one family!

*Names in this article have been changed to protect identities.