While driving down the highway, Keith called our toll-free number. He was sick of his life. His mind was in turmoil. Tired of trying to come back to the Lord on his own strength, Keith was ready to turn it all over to Jesus Christ and make a surrender.

Our team member had a fruitful talk with Keith about salvation, the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and the sanctification we experience as we walk with Jesus.

Keith accepted the offer of a free literature packet and assistance in finding a Biblical church in his area. When our team member offered to pray, Keith said, “Just a minute, let me pull off.”

After Keith pulled off to the side of the road, our team member prayed. He then asked Keith if he would like to pray. Keith was ready to pray. He prayed a beautiful prayer of surrender to the Lord, asking Him to take care of all his sins and cleanse his heart.

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