Tailoring classes help needy Bangladeshi family

Although Naisha’s* husband worked hard as a day laborer in Bangladesh, he struggled to provide enough income for his family’s needs. Naisha longed to help her husband in the struggle to provide.

When CAM’s SALT Microfinance Solutions program offered vocational classes in Naisha’s area, she decided to join the class. Here, she learned the skill of tailoring. Now Naisha does sewing projects in her village, earning around 1,000 taka ($12 USD) each month. This is a significant supplemental income for a rural Bangladeshi. Naisha says the SALT program taught her how to earn an income and plan for the future. Now she has hope of rising out of poverty!

Thank you, supporters, for helping others become self-sustaining. Even more important than the practical skills that are taught, many people hear about Jesus for the first time at SALT meetings.