Tiny Gifts with Huge Potential

Through CAM’s Seed Project, Florica received seeds to plant in her garden. When she saw what a bumper crop of vegetables these seeds produced, she was overjoyed. The extra produce could be packed into jars and preserved. Florica was excited about preparing many wholesome meals for her children in the winter.

Florica lives in northeastern Romania in the village of Vladeni. Although the people in her village face deep poverty, they do what they can to provide for themselves. The gift of quality seeds is a huge blessing. Fewer children go hungry when their families are able to produce their own food.

CAM’s Seed Project provides quality seeds to impoverished families in Romania, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Liberia, and Kenya. This initiates self-sufficiency by giving people the resources they need to feed themselves. Even though some quality seeds are available in these countries, most families are not able to afford them. The families have no choice but to buy cheaper seeds, and their gardens and crops don’t produce as well.

CAM provides quality, high-germinating seeds to thousands of families every year. Because the crop from CAM seeds is often so good, some people have extra vegetables to sell for income. They can then use the money to pay school tuition for their children, purchase garden tools, or buy medicines or other necessary items. $25 worth of seeds has the potential to result in a semi-load of vegetables!

Staff and volunteers usually distribute the seeds in remote areas where there is little or no evangelical presence. Along with the seeds, we also give Bible story books, CAM’s Seed of Truth magazine, and other Christian literature.

When a mother of seven children received a Bible story book with her packages of seeds, she exclaimed, “I cannot believe what is happening! Just two weeks ago, our children prayed that God would send us this very book. You are the answer to our prayer.” A thank you seemed nearly inadequate to express her gratitude for the spiritual seeds that fell on her home that day.