Tornadoes and severe weather! (Update)

Thursday, June 7, 2:33PM

A severe tornado brought widespread damage to Dayton, Ohio, on May 27. The Ohio Rapid Response team is cleaning up debris-filled yards and ministering to those who have lost their homes.

Tornadoes and heavy rains damaged many areas in the U.S. this spring. CAM’s Rapid Response teams are busy working in various places throughout the country. Please pray for our teams as they show the love of Jesus to the hurting.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Tornado damage in Dayton, Ohio.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Houses are ripped apart.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Tornadoes and severe weather

House damaged by tornado.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Rapid Response volunteers clean up debris.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Tornadoes and severe weather

Tornadoes and severe weather

Tornadoes and severe weather


Tornadoes and severe weather!

May 29, 6:00AM

Tornadoes have been raging throughout the past week. The tornadoes brought horrific destruction in the Midwest and south central United States. As a result severe weather alerts are still in effect and homeowners fear further destruction.

This is a busy week for our Rapid Response teams as they research needs and start cleanup. Besides the tornadoes, torrents of rain is flooding some states, our teams are also assisting in these areas.

Dayton, Ohio—tornadoes

As a result to Tornadoes that touched down in the Dayton, Ohio, and caused extensive damage. Ohio Rapid Response Team is researching and plans to assist with cleanup.


Because of several large and destructive tornadoes that touched down near Akron, Indiana, and Pendleton, Indiana. Indiana Rapid Response team helped tarp roofs and continues to research needs.

Northern Iowa—tornadoes

Iowa Rapid Response team is gearing up for several days of cleanup. They are working where several tornadoes hit the northeastern part of the state.

Missouri—tornado and flood

Missouri Rapid Response team is providing cleanup as a result to a tornado in Missouri. Continual rainfall in the region is creating flooding as well.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Damage in Missouri.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Missouri Tornado damage.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Cleanup underway in Missouri.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Oklahoma—tornadoes and flood

Heavy rainfall and tornadoes have caused destruction in Oklahoma over the last week. More rainfall is in the forecast, and the water keeps rising. Oklahoma Rapid Response team has been researching needs. When the floodwaters subside, they hope to assist with cleanup.

Tornadoes and severe weather

Flooding in Webber Falls, Oklahoma.

Pray for our teams!

Please pray for the Rapid Response teams as they reach out to the distressed. Our goal is to show the compassion of Jesus in these devastated areas. If you wish to help make these projects possible, you may use the donation option below. Thank you for your support!

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