A truckload of over 8,000 blankets arrived at our warehouse in Ukraine and are ready to be distributed. Yesterday our contacts also received a load of mattresses to deliver that were funded by CAM. Our staff and contacts are working daily to distribute truckloads of aid to the seemingly endless needs.

Along with the blankets and mattresses, CAM distributes food, Christian literature, and hygiene kits. Food is by far the most major item distributed at this time. We also plan to help provide medical clinics with medicines in the near future.

The people who left everything behind when they fled their homes are grateful for aid that helps them with their daily needs. Others who stayed at their homes often have a hard time accessing the items they need or may have lost them to soldiers raiding their homes.

A staff member who traveled to a village in Ukraine said, “The soldiers had come through looting from house to house. . . . They found that some owned chainsaws and other such basics. They proceeded to take these as well as blankets and other basic household items to take back with them on their tanks.”

Thirty-four towns in Ukraine where CAM has distributed aid:

Shipintsi, Koluzh, Licna-Tarnovitsya, Ivano Frankivsk, Hadvirna, Poltava, Kozelshyna, Izhivtsi, Chernivtsi, Kucheriv, Kremenets, Dolina, Mukachevo, Kovel, Kamyana, Dnipro, Malin, Studenitsya, Slovchani, Kushentsi, Dymer, Kramatorsk, Chernihiv, Pushkina, Shepetivka, Kyiv, Rivne, Mliniv, Dubno, Zarozhani, Bakumivka, Smila, Ternopil, Kamariv

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