I am Jamila, and I am eight years old. I live in a country very different from America. To visit me from America, you would have to travel on a plane or boat.

My family and I love Jesus, and because of that, some people in my country hate us. They treat Christians harshly and sometimes even kill them. Just this year, some men came into a church and killed some people. I am scared that might happen at my church.

Many families in my country don’t have a Bible in their home, because they can’t afford it or find one to buy. Can you imagine that?

One day my mom saw a nice Bible at a nearby store. She was very excited and wanted the Bible, but she didn’t have enough money. The Bible cost $4.

My brother Samir and I saw how much Mom wanted the Bible. When we got home we poured the money out of our piggy banks and ran back to the neighbor’s shop to buy the Bible.

When we got to the store, the man counted our money. He saw that we only had $2. But he also saw how much we wanted the Bible. He said, “Children, I will give you the Bible in exchange for the money that you brought.”

We were so excited! Samir and I ran home with the Bible. But we didn’t show it to Mom right away. We decided to hide the Bible and give it to her on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day finally arrived. Samir and I couldn’t wait to give Mom her gift! We got the Bible and ran to the kitchen where Mom was preparing breakfast. We handed her the Bible.

To our surprise, Mom did not act happy. Instead, she seemed upset. “Children, we are going back to the shop to give this Bible back. Come with me!” Samir and I followed Mom out the door. We were confused. Why didn’t Mom like her gift? we wondered as we ran behind her. We started crying.

When we reached the shop, Samir and I stood outside the door crying while Mom hurried in.

Soon Mom and the shopkeeper came out. The shopkeeper bent down in front of us. “Everything is okay,” he told us. “Your Mom knew you didn’t have $4, and she was worried that you stole the Bible. But I assured her that I let you buy the Bible with the $2 you brought.”

Mom was smiling. She held the Bible close to her heart. “Thank you so much for buying me the Bible!” she said as we walked home.

My heart felt happy again. We were all excited to sit down and read our very own Bible together.

CAM provides Bibles for this region at a heavily subsidized price, since we are not allowed to freely give the Bibles out.

Names have been changed in this story. While the account is true, writer’s liberties have been taken for some of the details. Children pictured are CAM Bible recipients but not the children in the story.

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