Peter had seen one of our heaven or hell billboards and was stirred to call. His parents were not religious and had not taken him to worship services when he was young. Now in his 40s, Peter is beginning to wonder about spiritual things. “I need some guidance. Your billboard kind of woke me up a bit,” he freely admitted. —North Carolina

Houston, Texas

Recently Esther was feeling suicidal and not seeing a reason to live. But then she saw our billboard. Esther said she thinks this is a sign from God and expressed a desire to try to find her way back to Him. —California

Whitehall, Montana

“I just want you to know that I saw your billboard and it reminded me of my backslidden condition. I committed sins this past weekend, and I need to change my life! Your billboard just really spoke to me.” —unknown location

Tampa, Florida

“Something prompted me to call you. There has been some Christian influence in my life recently, and then I saw your billboard. That billboard got to me . . . I think it’s all part of something happening in my life.” —California

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