The Islamic State (ISIS) has occupied Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, since June 2014. Now Iraqi forces, along with several of their allies, are fighting to take back the city. Outlying villages that had been taken over by ISIS have been reclaimed by the Iraqi army. But ISIS is putting up stiff resistance, using suicide bombers, roadside bombs, and human shields to slow the halt of the Iraqi government.

As the fighting moves closer to the heart of Mosul, more people are expected to flee the city, leaving as many as 1 million people displaced.

The newly displaced people will be in need of shelter as winter approaches, but many camps in the region are already overflowing with people who were displaced in earlier conflicts. The displaced will also need food and other aid.

A CAM staff member who recently visited a camp about an hour from Mosul reported, “There are thousands of people living in fear. They are traumatized, carrying heavy burdens of loss and heartache, facing a bleak future.”

We don’t know what the future holds for Mosul, but our staff members are preparing to help some of those who have already been displaced and those who likely will be displaced.

Pray for the people of Mosul who are suffering now and fearing what will happen next.


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