Yemen’s devastating history of war and destruction forces millions of people to live without clean water. This causes many Yemenis to continually battle with deadly cholera and other water-borne diseases.

Mohammed* had to drop out of school to help his family after a chronic illness left his father unable to work. Fetching water was one of Mohammed’s main tasks, and it took him two hours every day.

Mohammed’s mother was relieved when she heard their family would receive a water filtering system provided by CAM. This meant they would have safe drinking water and Mohammed could go back to school instead of hauling water. Our contacts shared, “His mother was so blessed. When we went to set up the tank, we saw big smiles on his parents’ faces, which gave us energy to work.”

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YES, I would like to provide water systems for Yemenis who lack safe drinking water. I understand that my one-time sponsorship of $500 will provide a water system to collect, store, and filter rainwater to help combat deadly diseases in Yemen.

NOTE: This sponsorship is covered with a one-time donation instead of with monthly donations.