CAM makes plans to set up DRS bases

In the weeks following the disastrous flooding that swept through a large part of West Virginia in June, CAM’s Rapid Response volunteers worked long and hard to help hurting homeowners clean up and prepare for rebuilding. They hauled mud-caked furniture from houses, ripped out water-logged interiors, and sprayed for growing mold. As cleanup comes to an end, homeowners face the question of how they will rebuild.

Many of the flood survivors are from low-income areas and are without flood insurance. Some will receive federal disaster aid, but the funds will not be enough to repair or rebuild an entire house. In response to this need, CAM plans to set up Disaster Response Services (DRS) bases in Clendenin and Rainelle this fall to help with rebuilding. Volunteers will provide free labor, and CAM will also assist with some building materials.

Continue to pray for the people of West Virginia as they research funding options, dry out their houses, and try to piece their lives together again. Pray also for our teams as they share the love and compassion of Jesus.

“My husband is disabled and would have gotten the things done that the work crew did, but it would have taken him a matter of weeks where they did it in one day,” one recipient said. “I thank God for them and all your volunteers.”

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