Countless people around the world do not have the blessing of bookshelves loaded with good reading material. Many believers long for wholesome literature to nurture their souls.

Each month, CAM prints over 500,000 copies of Christian Family Magazines in a variety of languages for people who have limited access to words of truth. A Seed of Truth recipient in Germany shared, “Thank you for this wonderful, edifying magazine. I enjoy reading it, and I give it to others.”

To help support the Christian Family Magazine program, please click below to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

One-time Donation

Funds to print and distribute the Seed of Truth and Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) Christian family magazines

Monthly Sponsorship

$50 pays for 125 copies!
YES, I would like to help share Biblical principles in countries where sound Bible teaching is scarce. My monthly gifts will help print, ship, and distribute the following magazines:
Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth): Produced at Publicadora La Merced, a conservative Mennonite publishing house in Costa Rica. Printed in Spanish, English, and Haitian Creole languages.
Seed of Truth: Printed in Romanian, Russian, Polish, English, and other languages for restricted countries. Compiled and edited by CAM.


Sponsors receive one free monthly copy of the Seed of Truth magazine with a $25 minimum monthly sponsorship.

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