For Syrian refugees living in tents and makeshift shacks, the winter storms scouring the Middle East are deadly.

Heavy snow weighs down the roofs of tents and can cause the shelters to collapse. Rain leaks through roofs and soaks flooring, mattresses, and blankets. High winds and blizzards send frigid air through cracks and canvas.

Several Syrian refugees have died from exposure to the cold, some of them children.

Many refugee families have little access to heating supplies. One camp near the Syrian border was reported to have no firewood or heating oil. Freezing temperatures could become fatal for more Syrians if they can’t find a way to heat their tents.

As the refugees struggle to stay warm, their needs for food and basic hygiene items remain.

CAM contacts in the Middle East are assisting over 1,000 refugee families monthly with food and basic supplies. They have also provided heaters and blankets to help families through the cold winter. Our contacts receive an enormous amount of requests for help, and the Middle East in Crisis program will continue to grow as we receive more funds.

Information compiled from various sources.