George is learning how to walk after receiving items to help correct his club feet.

The Wonderful Gift of Mobility

George was born with club feet. Without proper correction, this Kenyan child would likely never walk. Poverty left him with little hope.

But then, through the Hope-for-the-Handicapped program, George received small boots and a corset for his torso. George is starting the process of correcting his feet so he can walk.

In many countries, children with physical handicaps aren’t given much hope. Some parents are simply too poor to purchase a wheelchair, crutches, or other equipment for their handicapped child. Other parents are ashamed of their disabled child.

In the Middle East, the culture puts utmost importance on showing only the “honorable” aspects of life and family. They tend to hide things that might appear less than perfect. Some parents don’t allow their physically disabled children to leave the house, play with their peers, or go to school.

The simple gift of a walker or wheelchair can change the life of a disabled child who is hidden away. With these items they can get around on their own. Without the shame of having to carry a child around, parents are more inclined to send the child to school and let him or her play with other children.

When two-year-old Zafir* received a donated walker, his siblings and cousins gathered around and cheered as our team helped this lad with cerebral palsy take his first steps with his new walker.

Thank you, supporters, for sharing the wonderful gift of hope and mobility to suffering children around the world.

* Name changed to protect identity.