For two years, war has raged in Yemen, an impoverished country on the Arabian Peninsula. Bombs and missiles rain down destruction and death, as Saudi Arabia tangles for influence and rebel groups fight for control. But war has brought something even worse to Yemen. Starvation.

With Yemen’s borders blockaded and its economy in shambles, millions of Yemenis lack access to food and clean water. Almost a third of the country’s 24 million people are in urgent need of food assistance. Recent reports say nearly 450,000 children are acutely malnourished. One twelve-year-old boy told of digging through dumps trying to find food to keep himself and his four siblings alive. More than half of the people of Yemen lack access to safe drinking water. Poor nutrition and contaminated drinking water are a potent combination that can lead to disease and death.

Many Yemenis, jobless as a result of the war, depend completely on the charity of others to survive. But most international aid organizations have pulled out of Yemen because it is unsafe for foreigners. For people like Ammar,* who was injured in an accident and is disabled, this is devastating. Our contact’s visit to his home revealed that there was not a grain of flour, sugar, or rice in the house. Neither was there any gas for cooking.

Working through a network of trusted individuals, CAM is providing food and drinking water to suffering Yemenis. One woman who received CAM aid had four children to feed. She had been leaving her home each day and walking long distances to collect firewood to sell so she could feed her children. Besides suffering physically from carrying the heavy wood on her head, she was always worried no one would buy the wood she had worked so hard to collect. When she received our food basket with items like beans, brown flour, and rice, a smile came to her weary face as she thanked those who gave her the basket.

Hameed, a 45-year-old disabled man, fled from his home because of fighting nearby. Now he lives with his wife and eight children in a dilapidated tent under a bridge. The nearest water tank was far away, until relief workers supported by CAM brought a sterilized tank of drinking water and placed it close to his tent. Hameed said, “After this water project, we began to hope again. Thank you for all the relief you distribute.”

Because Yemen is not considered especially vital to the interests of Western nations, the war taking place there often gets little coverage in Western media. Few people are hearing the true story about what is happening in Yemen.

Nonetheless, people whom God loves are suffering and starving in Yemen each day. Because of the tremendous need, CAM is increasing the amount of aid that we are sending to Yemen. If you wish to provide aid for the suffering people of Yemen, please click below to give a one-time gift. Thank you for joining us in this rescue effort.

*Names in this article changed to protect identities.

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