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Ministering to migrants

Migrants along the US-Mexico border are united by a past that often includes hardship, coupled with hope for a brighter future. They come from countries like Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Venezuela. Most migrants seek a better life in the United States after facing economic difficulty, political pressure, or violence in their homeland.

The trek to the US-Mexico border is often grueling. Countless people reach their destination only to be denied entrance into the United States. Still clinging to the dream of entering the U.S., many migrants shelter in plastic tents or empty buildings near the border.

These people’s uncertainty creates tremendous opportunities to proclaim God’s lasting promises. We are reaching out through conservative Anabaptist believers stationed near the US-Mexico border. They hold Bible studies for adults, share stories with children, and distribute Bibles, Bible story books, and Christian literature. At times they also help a bit with physical aid like clothes and baby blankets.

One believer remarked, “The migrants are very open at this time . . . and it’s the perfect time to share the Gospel with them.” We pray they will come to trust in the God who holds their future.

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