staying warm, Christian Aid Ministries

Where staying warm is not easy 

As autumn ends and the air turns brisk, many people in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries shiver with dread as they think of staying warm in the harsh winter season ahead. 

They might gather twigs and leaves to burn to try to stay warm, but firewood? It is hard to find. Winter has never been easy for Ukrainians. However, this year the heating needs greatly increased because of Russia’s invasion. Pastor  Alexie and his wife are not able to gather wood because of the danger of landmines left behind by the Russian army. The couple is deeply thankful for the firewood that supporters provided through the Warm-A- Family program. 

Older folks and widows often face financial difficulties and spend hours preparing for the brutal winter. A handicapped Ukrainian widow, Tanya, lives on $76 a month. She was delighted to receive firewood from CAM so she can warm at least a few rooms of her house.

staying warm, Christian Aid Ministries
Pastor Alexie and his wife in Ukraine

 Through the Warm-A-Family program, supporters also help provide stoves, coal, and other heating assistance for people in need. Fortunately, many houses in the villages have small wood stoves that can be used for cooking and heating. For others whose stoves may be too small or worn out to heat well, a gifted stove meets a real need. 

 Thank you, supporters, for helping people stay warm this winter!

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