Winter temperatures in Kyrgyzstan can dip below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Widows, elderly people, and needy families dread this bitter cold.

“My name is Asya. I’m deaf, and so is my husband,” says a Warm-A-Family recipient. “We have five children and live in a small village in Kyrgyzstan. There are no jobs here and we’re very thankful that you helped us buy coal. God bless you!”

Margaretta* is an elderly widow who cares for two grandchildren. With her meager pension she can’t afford basic needs. She gathers firewood in the forest and uses it to heat her home. She is very thankful for the help she receives through the Warm-A-Family program.

Heating costs are soaring in various impoverished cold-climate countries. In 2022, we anticipate a significant increase in the Warm-A-Family program, with nearly $2 million needed to respond to the many requests. If you wish to help, your support will be a great blessing to many!

*Not her real name

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