H2O—more commonly known as water—is necessary for human existence. As good water sources dwindle in some parts of the world, the demand for clean water is escalating.

Sometimes the simple act of getting water is dangerous. Crocodiles have snatched people by a river in Zimbabwe as they filled their buckets with water. But even more dangerous than lurking, wild creatures are the tiny, deadly microbes in contaminated water.


1 in 5 children does not have enough water to meet his/her everyday needs.

80 countries are in areas with high or extremely high water vulnerability.

Supporters make it possible to provide clean water for villages where children and women spend many hours looking for or gathering water. Through wells, pumps, water filters, and other resources, lives are saved by safeguarding people from water sources that can cause harmful diseases or even death.

A contact in Africa shared how vital a good water source is. “We discovered that some of these pumps were being used for up to 20 hours a day!” he said. Thank you for making pure water a reality for people in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.

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