A severe drought is sweeping over parts of Ethiopia, a country in East Africa. Although regions of the country have experienced severe flooding in recent months, an underlying lack of water is creating famine and hardship for millions. In some cases, conflict erupts when tribal groups fight for control of water sources and land. Some groups migrate from one area to another, searching for precious water for themselves and their livestock.

“For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground . . .”  (Isaiah 44:3)

Caught in this drought are the Borana people of Ethiopia and Kenya. This people group depends largely on their livestock for a livelihood and struggles to find sufficient water and pastureland for them.
CAM is working with trusted contacts to provide wells for the Borana people and other needy people in Ethiopia. This will provide precious water for their families and their livestock. We desire that this will help them better provide for themselves and give them hope in their time of desperation.

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