India Covid-19 Crisis

A severe spike in COVID-19 cases is overwhelming hospitals in India. We are helping by giving food and sending emergency aid.


COVID food distributions: Quotes from recipients

COVID food distributions: Quotes from recipients

Thank you for your continued support for COVID aid distributions in India. God bless you for sharing! “I had nothing to eat and was starving,” said one recipient. “I am so grateful . . .” Following are more recent quotes from recipients. “I was worried” A 60-year-old...

COVID distributions continue in India

COVID distributions continue in India

Thank you for your support as CAM seeks to help to those affected by COVID-19. Our contacts in India are distributing food and other aid.

Overwhelmed with gratefulness

Overwhelmed with gratefulness

The family was overwhelmed with gratefulness when they received the gift of food from CAM. Their country imposed a strict response to COVID-19

Ways to Help



We hope you will join us in praying for the many suffering people in India and for the government as they make decisions related to COVID-19.


“The most serious need right now is to alleviate starvation,” reports those who are working in India. “Millions are starving and without hope for tomorrow.” CAM is working through contacts to supply much-needed food.

Emergency Aid

In addition to food, we are receiving requests for medical supplies, sanitizer, and other aid for those who are suffering..

“Thank you so much for your kindness to bring these food items for my family. My husband and I were even thinking to end our lives with our children for we do not see any hope for the future. God sent you to save our lives.” –Food recipient in India

India in Crisis

India's people in desperate need

India is facing one of the greatest crises in its history. A severe spike in COVID-19 cases is overwhelming hospitals and spreading rapidly throughout the country. Night and day, people work to burn the bodies of those who die from the virus. Fear permeates the country.

Despite the grim reports of the virus, another even more serious crisis is at hand. Starvation.