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Restoring hope to widows in Asia

It is difficult to grasp the trials many women face they lose their husbands. In South Asia, women are often identified by the men in their lives, first their father and then their husband. When a woman’s husband dies, she becomes an outcast in her own homeland. Widows in Asia are often considered a curse, not only by general society but also by her close family, friends, and neighbors.

Everything that once belonged to a widow’s husband can be taken away from her. She may be evicted from her home without notice. Often blamed for her husband’s death, she is left with nothing.

Other women may face abandonment from their husbands. It is generally considered acceptable in parts of Asia for a man to leave his family, remarry, and begin a new household, leaving his first family uncared for. This forces his abandoned wife to become the bread­winner of her family. Since many women have few chances to receive a proper education, illiteracy is high and opportunities are limited. Some widows and abandoned wives beg on the streets to earn an income. This leaves them vulnerable to harassment and abuse, with little protection from local authorities.

Your support of the Widows Care Fund reflects the heart of God, the “father of the fatherless and . . . judge of the widows.” This program reaches out to widowed and abandoned women in Asia and other parts of the world by providing food, shelter, self-help resources, and other assistance. Above all, our goal is to encourage these often ­forgotten women and guide them to the One who will never leave or forsake them.

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