A Work-for-Wages team shovels muck from a flooded house.

Haitians Helping Haitians

Potholed roads, erosion, and decrepit water systems can be found across Haiti. These problems are the results of decades of natural disasters, corrupt leadership, economic hardship, and gang violence. Despite the immense amount of work needed to repair the country’s infrastructure, many able-bodied adults are not able to find jobs to provide for their families. Work-for-Wages responds to these needs while presenting Jesus to Haitian communities.

Through Work-for-Wages, groups of people are hired to work on community projects, where they receive a daily wage. The projects last one or two weeks at a time and include jobs like road repair and erosion control. Each day, a local pastor shares God’s Word with the group and leads them in prayer.

Earlier this year, Work-for-Wages groups responded to a flood in Léogâne, Haiti. Heavy rains in June caused flooding across Haiti. Muddy water overran river banks, triggering flash floods and landslides. More than 40 people were killed and thousands of homes swept away. When the water receded, a thick layer of mud caked streets and homes. Work-for-Wages teams were organized to clean the muck
out of homes in Léogâne. While earning an income for themselves, they were also helping fellow Haitians recover from the flood.

CAM’s American staff members are unable to live and serve in Haiti at this time because of rampant gang violence, including the takeover of CAM’s base in Titanyen, Haiti. But Work-for-Wages can operate under uidance of our faithful Haitian staff and contacts. These projects provide a way for Haitians to serve their own people while earning a living for themselves.

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