World Hunger Fund provides a hot meal for Haitian school children.

Food for hungry Haitian schoolchildren

Many of Haiti’s people know hunger all too well. Lawlessness and lack of fuel are driving up food prices. Basic items like rice, beans, and cooking oil have become luxuries for many people.“What we are now living [are] the worst moments in the history of our country Haiti,” says a Haitian pastor. Some children of struggling families depend on the meals at school for nourishment. The same pastor wrote, “The food served in the school is all that many of the [children] get sometimes.” But the schools haven’t escaped the crisis either. “Some . . . are on the verge of closing due to the dire economic situation” the pastor shared.  To help, we are providing food for 2,150 Haitian students* for six months. Please pray that this would help fill hungry stomachs and draw young hearts to Jesus, the source of true nourishment.  *These students are from schools not sponsored through Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child. 

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