Global food crisis, Christian Aid Ministries

Global food crisis leads to worldwide hunger

A global food crisis is causing more than 825 million people to endure the daily pain of hunger. Rising food prices threaten many who are living on the edge and can afford only enough food for one or two meals per day. Starvation is a heartbreaking reality for others who cannot even afford daily nutrients. 

 War worsens the global food crisis  

Costs are at an all-time high since the COVID-19 pandemic and recent conflicts. The raging war in Ukraine turned the country from the breadbasket of the world to a humanitarian aid recipient. Ukraine used to produce enough food for an average of 400 million people each year. Earlier this year the conflict cut off most wheat and corn exports, which drastically affected North Africa and the Middle East. Both areas received around 30 percent of their grain from Ukraine and Russia.

Global food crisis, Christian Aid Ministries

 Other ongoing conflicts such as the eight-year war in Yemen depleted its people of funds to afford basic needs. It is estimated that 60 percent of people enduring hunger currently live in areas of violence. 

 The fertilizer and fuel delivery problems also feed the global food crisis. As the fuel price to export or transport food escalates, so does the food price. A fertilizer shortage is also affecting the production of crops. This increases the demand for food along with the cost. 

Global food crisis, Christian Aid Ministries

 Some places have seen food prices double in the last two years! People living in poverty before the global food crisis are in more desperate need than ever. 

 CAM is working with staff members and contacts to provide food to places around the globe that are in critical need. We also plan to support projects that enable people to grow their own food. 

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