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A lifeline of food and hope

How can breadwinners provide basic food items for their families when bombed farms, destroyed markets, and spiking food prices are reality? Multitudes of Yemenis face this dilemma. Jobs are scarce and conflict continues to take its toll. Since the beginning of Yemen’s civil war in 2014, conflict, famine, and disease have killed nearly 250,000 people.

Through the Food for War-Torn Yemen program, your funds are providing monthly gifts of food and hope to the desperately needy in this poverty-stricken country.

“All a mother can ask”

Haya* and her husband live in a two-room house with their six children. Yemen’s conflict and COVID-19 restrictions cut off their source of income. Haya said, “My husband is unable to work as he suffers from a chronic illness. I am left with the responsibility to keep my family alive. I received the food . . . and am so grateful for the support and help given to my family. It has eased so much of the burden I
carry. . . . Seeing my children happy and smiling, with hot meals to eat—it is all a mother can ask for in such difficult circumstances. I cannot thank [you] enough.”

“We couldn’t even afford drinking water”

Radeyah shared her bitter story. “I am married, but my husband deserted me when we were displaced. . . . We don’t have any source of income and are under threat of being kicked out into the street . . . because we [couldn’t afford to pay] the rent for several months. . . . We couldn’t even afford drinking water.”

A glimmer of hope reached Radeyah’s face when our contacts delivered a gift of food. As they left, she raised her hands heavenward in gratitude.

$100 provides 190 pounds of food such as flour, rice, beans, sugar, salt, and oil. It also provides cooking gas to prepare the nourishing meals.

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.