Food and hygien, Christian Aid Ministries
Children take supplies home from a distribution in Yemen.

Food and hygiene supplies for Yemen

Your generous support continues to supply much-needed food and hygiene supplies for war-weary people in Yemen.

Samira lives with her husband and six children in a small house in Yemen. They are exhausted by the war, and the family lacks basic essentials.

Samira said, “We were accustomed to a comfortable life before the war. Our suffering now is entirely due to the war. My husband has a chronic illness and is not able to work and now we have no income. The COVID-19 pandemic has made life harder than at any previous time.”

Samira smiled as she thanked our contacts for their kindness and generosity. “You have not abandoned us and provided the hygiene kit along with the food basket. Today they distributed the hygiene kit addressing COVID-19. The kit and food basket brought happiness to us…. We have been living through a very tough time because we did not have money to buy soap or sanitizer.”

Rising food prices and lack of economic opportunity

It is the lost jobs, rising food prices, and lack of economic opportunity—not just the ongoing battles—

that continue to fuel the desperation of many Yemen families. In desperation, they continue to seek ways to cope as the conflict and economic problems grind on and on.

Food and hygien, Christian Aid Ministries
Yemenis highly value the aid that is given to them.

The economic conflict is impacting every single person in the country. It’s pushing millions of Yemenis to the edge of famine and desolation. Frustration along with despair over the growing crisis has resulted in in protest across the Yemen’s south borders. When October arrived, the unrest turned lethal. Street battles broke out and on October 10th at least six people were killed.    

How your support makes a difference

Christian Aid Ministries is reaching out to the needy Yemenis families by providing food parcels with essential foods and sanitation items to help combat disease. Your support makes it possible to touch many destitute people in the midst of war and suffering to see a little ray of hope by providing for some of their most basic needs, such as food and hygiene items.  May God richly bless you for caring about needy families in Yemen.

Food and hygien, Christian Aid Ministries
Basic hygiene supplies are unaffordable for many Yemenis.