Hunger and thirst, Christian AId Minstries
Yemenis gathering their gifts of food.

Hunger and thirst continue in Yemen

What is it like to face hunger and thirst?

For us living in America, extreme hunger and thirst feel like distant realities. Our homes, gardens, and stores abound with food. Our wells pump clear, uncontaminated water to quench our thirst. But in many places around the globe, like war-torn Yemen, such abundance is not known.

More than 24 million of Yemen’s population is in need of humanitarian aid. 12.3 million children are among those facing dire need. Many civilians live on the brink of starvation.

How do Yemeni families survive? Where do they get the food to feed their children?

Yemenis families are being pushed to the breaking point with the constant threat of displacement from the ongoing war. Millions survive on the goodwill of others. Finding a job to support themselves is difficult, and many live in fear.

Christian Aid Ministries is reaching out through the Food for War-Torn Yemen program by providing food for needy families. Thank you for helping us show God’s compassion to people who hurt, one person at a time.

Tears of joy streamed down Nasr’s* cheeks and dripped into his big white beard as he received a food parcel from CAM contacts.

“May God protect you,” Nasr said. Previously, he had been unable to provide for himself and his wife because of his old age. The food parcel met their dietary needs and they are so thankful for this gift.

Peace in Yemen?

We are grateful for reports of a two-month ceasefire in Yemen. This pause in fighting has marked the first nationwide truce observed since 2016.

Even with this decrease in conflict, fighting is still taking place in some parts of the country. This ceasefire is admittedly fragile, and we invite you to pray that it could continue.

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