We do not have rice, Christian Aid Ministries
A food parcel recipient in Yemen.

“We do not have rice”

Adil* from Yemen returned home empty-handed after diligently searching for some work that would provide a small income to buy food. When his wife saw he came home without food, she was in despair and said, “We do not have rice for today!”

When Adil told her to make some bread, she responded, “But the flour is also almost finished.”

Adil told his wife to bake bread anyway, hoping they would find a way to get more food when the flour was gone.

Adil’s wife baked the bread. While they ate, their neighbor knocked on the door and told Adil to go to a yard nearby. Adil quickly made his way to the place his neighbor told him. He saw people and parcels in the yard. A man called out to him and directed him to a parcel from CAM. Adil gazed at the rice, flour, oil, soap, and other precious items in the parcel.

“Who does this belong to?” he asked.
“The parcel is yours,” the man replied. Adil’s eyes filled with tears and he returned home so full of joy he could barely speak.

We pass on his joy and gratefulness to you, our supporters, whose gifts and prayers provide life-giving food for people facing intense struggles in war-torn Yemen. Thank you!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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