Ongoing Demand for Adult Disposable Briefs

Adult disposable briefs are a critical need in almost every area where CAM works. They are distributed to people who care for the elderly, paralyzed, or handicapped. Adult briefs are vital in easing the burden of caretakers who have limited resources and often live without running water or indoor plumbing.

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The requests CAM receives for disposable briefs far outpace the funds we receive for this need. Our budget for this program in 2023 is $600,000. So far this year we have received $40,000. Because of the sensitive nature of this item and our desire to honor the dignity of recipients, it is difficult to inform donors and raise funds.

 Why the demand?

Taking care of the disabled in homes with no indoor plumbing is difficult. Caretakers are often forced to use rags or pieces of material which are washed and reused. This is especially challenging in cold-climate countries where the items must be dried indoors during the winter. Rags and less absorbent materials can cause rashes and discomfort. Disposable briefs provide a clean and convenient solution that provides dignity to the disabled. But many recipients’ meager incomes hardly cover the costs of food, housing, or heating. The cost of disposable briefs is simply more than they can afford.


CAM contacts recently visited Mahala,* a bedridden recipient in Syria. She explained, “When I was a little child, I suffered from a high fever, and it eventually left me unable to walk. The physicians explained that the fever had damaged my nerves, weakened my muscles, and made my body frail. The bed has since become my home. I am unable to even go to the restroom unaided. I’m unhappy because I’m still relatively young, yet I am forced to rely on diapers. When we can’t afford them, my bed becomes unclean.”

A tear trickled down Mahala’s cheek, and her mother interjected, “The cost of diapers has skyrocketed, and we can’t afford to purchase them. We’re extremely grateful for your efforts and for traveling a great distance to bring us these much-needed supplies. It will undoubtedly help us save money and provide Mahala with a hygienic and restful night’s sleep.”

Mahala says, “I have faith in God, for He is the one who comforts me, and He is the one who sent you to lift my spirits and bring me relief.”

*name changed to protect identity.

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